Monday, February 4, 2013

More information needed to consider your video monetization request

As you know that, you can earn revenue from your videos but While you apply for video monetization whether it's on youtube or your own website sometimes you may get an Email like this 'More information needed to consider your video monetization request' that means you do not have sufficient privilege to use that video for commercial use. Here is the topic specially about that, if you upload video regrading use of a software or doing a tutorial demonstrating use of a software and want to monetize, in this case you should read the licence agreement of the software or application. If the Software is not licensed under a license that grants you commercial rights e.g. GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL) then you have to contact the publisher and get permission in writing to use commercially. In some cases an email from the software publisher is fine and put it in the video description.

YouTube - More information needed to consider your video monetization request

You will get an Email saying "At this time, we are unable to approve your video(s) because we do not have sufficient information regarding your commercial use rights.

We may consider your video(s) for further review provided you verify that you are authorized to commercially use all of the elements of your content. This includes all video, images, music, video game footage, and any other audio or visual elements. 

Please note that YouTube reserves the right to make the final decision whether to monetize a video, and we may disable monetization for partners who repeatedly submit ineligible videos. All videos are subject to our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, and may be removed from the site if they do not meet those standards". 

Before you apply for video monetization please read the following topics

Monetization FAQs 

Terms of Service

YouTube Community Guidelines 

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