Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Basic Networking Questions and Answers Part 1 (About TCP/IP) - Interview questions for system administrator or Desktop Support.

1. Explain TCP/IP classes with Range of IP address


  • CLASS A=1 to 126
  • CLASS B=128 to 191
  • CLASS C=192 to 223
  • CLASS D=224 to 239 (Multi casting)
  • CLASS E=240 to 255 (Research)


2. What is private Ip address and range of private IP ?


Private IP address are not used in Internet or not routable in Internet. These IP address are used on private Network like inside your Office etc. The private IP also called as non-routable IP.

  • Class A= to
  • Class B= to
  • Class C= to

3. Which protocol is used by PING?


Ping uses ICMP (Internet control management protocol)

4. What is default Gateway?


Default gateway is the address of router or Modem.

5. What is the use of Tracert ?


Tracert (Trace Route) is a command to find path information between source and destination. It shows No. of hops between source and destination.

6. What is subnet mask?


Subnet mask is used to differentiate Network ID and Host ID from given IP address. The default subnet mask are as under. 

Class A=
Class B=
Class C=

7. What is full form of PING ?


Packet Internet Network Gopher

Ping Loop back address

8. What is Loop back address ?


The loop back address is, This address is used to check local TCP/IP suite on local machine.

9. What is the function of router ?


Router is a device or PC which is used to connect two or more ip address.

10. Which protocol is used, while you access a web site?


HTTP hyper text transmission protocol.

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