Basic Networking Questions and Answers Part 3 (WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM DIFFERENCES) - Interview questions for system administrator or Desktop Support

Basic Networking Questions and Answers For WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM DIFFERENCES - Interview questions for system administrator or Desktop Support. Here are some basic differences between various operating system.

1. Difference between Windows 95  Windows 98

WINDOWS 95                                          WINDOWS 98

  • NO USB support                                   USB Support
  • FAT16 and FAT32 for R2                         FAT16 and FAT32
  • Single monitor                                      Multiple monitor
  • No Direct X                                          Direct X
  • Internet Explorer 3                               Internet Explorer 4
  • No Advance Power management         APM (Advance Power management)

2. Difference between Windows xp and Windows 98

WINDIWS XP                                           WINDOWS 98

  • Remote desktop                                 No Remote desktop
  • GPO (Group Policy)                             No GPO
  • 2 processor                                       1 PROCESSOR
  • NTLM & Kerberos                                NTLM authentication
  • Encryption                                         No Encryption
  • Disk quota                                         No Disk quota
  • FAT, FAT32 and NTFS                          FAT and FAT32
  • IE 5                                                  IE 4

3. Difference between Windows xp home and Windows xp professional

WINDOWS XP HOME                                    WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL

  • No remote desktop                             Remote desktop
  • No offline folders                               Offline folders
  • 1 processor                                        2 processor
  • Workgroup                                         Workgroup and domain
  • No Encryption                                     Encryption
  • No GPO                                             GPO
  • No Roaming profile                            Roaming profile
  • No ASR                                            ASR


4. Difference between Window 2000 professional and Windows xp professional


  • ERD                                                     ASR
  • Terminal service                                    Remote desktop and assistance
  • IE-5                                                     IE-6
  • No firewall                                            Basic firewall
  • No Alternate IP configuration                   Alternate IP configuration
  • No System restore                                  System restore
  • No Driver rollback feature                         Driver rollback feature

5. Difference between Windows 2000 server and 2003 server      

WINDOWS 2000                                         WINDOWS 2000

  • No shadow copy                                        Shadow copy feature
  • No RPC over HTTP                                     RPC over HTTP
  • 32 BIT                                                     32 bit and 64 bit
  • No domain rename features                        Domain rename features
  • Terminal service                                   Remote desktop and assistance
  • ERD                                                          ASR
  • Less command line tool                               More command line tools
  • No stub dns                                               Stub dns
  • IIS 5 (Internet Information Services 5)           IIS 6

6. Difference between Windows NT and 2003

WINDOWS NT                                           WINDOWS 2003

  • Directory service                               Active directory service
  • FAT16 and NTFS 4.0                        FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS 5.0
  • Compression                            Compression, Encryption and disk quota 
  • System policy                                   Group policy
  • Local and Global group                       Local, Global and Universal Group
  • No ip sec                                          ipsec built in
  • 40000 user limit                                100000 user limit
  • NTLM authentication                   NTLM and Kerberos authentication
  • Basic disk                                         Basic and dynamic disk
  • No shadow copy                                 Shadow copy
  • ERD                                                  ASR

7. Difference between Windows NT and 2000

WINDOWS NT                                            WINDOWS 2000
  • Directory service                            Active directory service
  • FAT16 and NTFS 4.0             FAT16, FAT32 AND NTFS 5.0                       
  • Compression                          Compression, Encryption and Disk quota
  • System policy                                     Group policy
  • Local and Global group                 Local, Global and Universal Group
  • No ip sec                                           ipsec built in
  • 40000 user limit                                  100000 user limit
  • NTLM authentication                 NTLM and Kerberos authentication
  • Basic disk                                           Basic and dynamic disk


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