Friday, August 2, 2013

Create Your Own Passport Size Photos Within 30 Seconds - How To Create Passport Photos With Photoshop

Yes it's absolutely right you can create passport size photos within 30 seconds with a single click or by pressing the Ctrl+F2 Key on your keyboard using Photoshop. If you want to know how to create your own passport size photos, then this topic will help you regarding that.

Here I am going to show, how can you create passport photo using adobe Photoshop. To make it simple you can use Photoshop action file and can be download from the link below. To use the Photoshop action for making passport size photo you have to download the action file which has been attached below and save the file then open the file, the action file will automatically load the Photoshop. The action file set to the shortcut key Ctrl+F2, that means just open the photo which you want to make the passport size photos and press Ctrl+F2 the remaining things will automatically done and finally you will get your passport size photos on a 4x6 page.

To create passport size photos just follow the step by step procedure below and a video tutorial also given in this topic. So let's start the steps for passport size photos using Photoshop. For this you do not need to be an expert in Photoshop, as I told you have to download the action file, save it and open it, then open the photo you want to make passport size and press Ctrl+F2 key on the key board, that's all the rest will be automatically done for you.
Steps To Create Passport Size Photos Using Photoshop

  • You should have adobe Photoshop installed on your computer (Any version ) (Recommended Adobe Photoshop CS5)
  • you need an Internet connection to download the Photoshop action file or you can download it from any Internet cafe and take the file in pen drive.

1) Download the Photoshop Action File Here

2) Save the file and open it (It will open with Photoshop)

3) Now open the photo you want to make passport size photos

4) Press "Ctrl+F2" key on your keyboard
Passport Photo Crop in Photoshop
5) Now a crop area will be selected, you can drag and adjust the area you want to crop.

6) After selecting the crop area just press "Enter" Key
Create Passport Photos in Photoshop
7) That's all now your passport size photos ready, 8 passport size photos on a 4x6 page, just take a print out of this or you can save it and take the print out later.

Download the Passport Action File For Photoshop below

Watch the video How to create passport size photos with Photoshop within 30 seconds.


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