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How To Update Kaspersky 2013 Offline - Antivirus KAV/Internet Security KIS/PURE Offline Update (04.08.2013)

In this tutorial, I will show you how to update kaspersky 2013 offline for Antivirus, Internet Security and Kaspersky PURE. To get the offline update for kaspersky 2013 you need to download a software called "Kaspersky Update Utility" which is available on the company's official website. The software will download in Zip  format, so unzip the software and run the software (UpdateUtility-Gui) then select the product you want to download the offline updates for your kaspersky product. The detail procedure given below.

If you are using kaspersky 2013 products and do not have an Internet connection, then this topic will help you to download kaspersky 2013 offline update to update your kaspersky Antivirus or Internet security. To download the update you can use Internet cafe or your friend's Internet connection, then take the update in your Pen drive and use it on your computer.

Steps For Offline Update Of kaspersky 2013 (KAV, KIS and PURE)

1) Download "Kaspersky Update Utility" Here and unzip it using any zip software. (Extract files to a folder or Extract to "updater2.0.1.2015.1_win_en")
As it's a Windows Tutorial, Download the kaspersky update utility for windows.

Download Kaspersky Update Utility 2.0

2) Open the Folder and run the UpdateUtility-Gui.exe and Click on Application to choose your kaspersky product, whether it's Antivirus or Internet Security or PURE.

Kaspersky Update Utility 2.0

3) In the Applications window choose your home products, if you have Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 then choose Kaspersky Anti-Virus (check the box) or if you have kaspersky Internet security 2013 then choose Kaspersky Internet Security 13.0.03370 or if you have both then choose both the application and Click on Apply then OK. See the below screenshot

Kaspersky Update Utility - Choose Your Applications

4) Now Click on Settings -> Click on Download from the right panel -> choose 'Select folders'. Select Updates folder and Temporary folder where you want to save the updates. See the below screenshot (Red Mark).

kaspersky update utility - Settings
5) That's all now the kaspersky update utility is downloading updates for the selected products, after complete the update (100%) copy the updates folder in your pen drive or in any removable storage and use it on your computer to update kaspersky 2013 offline. Remember copy the updates folder not the temporary folder.

Kaspersky update utility - Downloading Updates

How to use the update on your computer to update kaspersky 2013 antivirus ?

  • Here is the example of kaspersky antivirus 2013

  • Put the Pen drive, in which you have copied the update

  • Open the antivirus --> Click on Update --> Click on Settings --> Update source --> Click on Add --> Select your update folder --> Click OK -->Again OK --> Now Run Update

Updating Kaspersky 2013 Antivirus Offline

Now your Kaspersky antivirus 2013 will update to the latest database.


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