Friday, September 27, 2013

How to make Gmail load faster : Gmail Basic HTML Mode

You might be notice that when you log-in to Gmail, it takes long time to load or reach the Inbox in a slow Internet connection. In case of slow internet connection you can use a option Load basic HTML (for slow connections) which appears on right bottom side of the browser.
Load Gmail Faster

But here is a way through which you can directly log-in to basic HTML view of the Gmail, don't need to Set basic HTML as default view on your Gmail Setting. So follow the below steps to log-in to Gmail by default in HTML Mode as well as you can use the Gmail mobile URL to load faster on PC for slow connections.


1) Go to this URL for log-in Basic HTML Gmail, No need to set basic HTML default for your Gmail, just visit this URL and use Gmail as Basic HTML to load faster.

2) - This is for mobile view of Gmail, you can use it on PC.

3) If you want to use standard view of Gmail Log-in Through

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