Monday, December 23, 2013

How to Flash Samsung C3262 - Samsung C3262 Restart When Insert SIM Solved.....

If the C3262 restarts after inserting the SIM Card then you need to flash the mobile with following procedure. In this procedure your mobile flash will be OK but you may lost the Samsung Mobile C3262 IMIE No but which can rebuild using ufs.

How to Flash Samsung C3262

  • First Download Samsung Firmware C3262DDLI8_BIN and C3262OWNLI2_CSC

  • Download Flash Loader 7.5.16_CSC_v0.1_LITE 


  • Now open the bfloader (Flash Loader 7.5.16_CSC_v0.1_LITE )

  • Click on Main Partition and Select C3262DD.ptt which can be found in C3262DDLI8_BIN Folder ( Select ALL Partitions)

  • Click on CSC and select C3262WN.ptt From C3262OWNLI2_CSC folder ( Select All Partitions)

  • Then Click on Start

  • Press Volume Down + Power Button and Connect the Samsung C3262 with USB Cable

Samsung C3262 Flash Done With Flash Loader

  • After Complete the flash the phone will be reboot to normal mode

Now you can check the Samsung C3262 by inserting SIM Card, it won't restart but you can See the Phone IMEI No is 000000, so don't worry about that you can Rebuild the IMEI using UFS.

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