Nokia X2-02 Restart After Showing Nokia Logo - Solved (RM-694)

If your Nokia x2-02 restarts after white screen, it's shows only the Nokia Logo then restart, So to solve the restart problem of Nokia x2-02 just flash the mobile with latest flash file (RM-694) using UFSx or any other flash tool/box.

Nokia X2-02 Flash with UFS/HWK

Nokia X2-02 USB Flash with UFSx

Insert USB Cable to Switched OFF Phone and Power ON
IF_EBL: Quantum_Bootloader_10.46_M1S1 10.46, Mode: CC
FL_ID : 89008289, Intel 38F50xxLOY3 512Mb
MCU FLASH BUNDLE: rm694__12.04.mcusw
Flash File: rm694__12.04.mcusw_ebl_psi.fls
Erase Area: 0x40000000 - 0x4001FFFE, Erased: 00:01
Write Area: 0x40000000 - 0x4001FFFE, Written: 00:00
Erase Area: 0x40040000 - 0x4005FFFE, Erased: 00:00
Write Area: 0x40040000 - 0x4005FFFE, Written: 00:00
Erase Area: 0x40060000 - 0x4015FFFE, Erased: 00:05
Write Area: 0x40060000 - 0x4015FFFE, Written: 00:02
Erase Area: 0x40280000 - 0x41BFFFFE, Erased: 02:19
Write Area: 0x40280000 - 0x41B7FFFE, Written: 00:50
Erase Area: 0x43E20000 - 0x43E5FFFE, Erased: 00:00
PPM FLASH BUNDLE: rm694__12.04.ppm_mh
Flash File: package_mh.ppm_ebl_psi.fls
Erase Area: 0x41C00000 - 0x422FFFFE, Erased: 00:31
Write Area: 0x41C00000 - 0x421D9642, Written: 00:11
CNT FLASH BUNDLE: rm694__12.04.image_mh_059D1Q7_059N1T6_240_01
Flash File: rm694__12.04.image_mh_059D1Q7_059N1T6_240_01.fls
Erase Area: 0x42300000 - 0x43E1FFFE, Erased: 03:41
Write Area: 0x42300000 - 0x4327FFFE, Written: 00:31
Erase Area: 0x43E60000 - 0x43F3FFFE, Erased: 00:07
Flashing Done: 08:27
ShutDown Done
All Done, Time: 08:34

How to Flash Nokia X2-02 With USB Using UFSx / HWK ( Solve the X2-02 Restart Problem)

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