Saturday, March 29, 2014

LAVA KKT34i Read Flash With Volcano Tool V2.5.6

LAVA KKT34i Read Flash done with Volcano Tool V2.5.6, CPU Type  MTK 6260.

  • Open Volcano Tool
  • Go to MTK Tab
  • Select Built-in Boot-11(v5.1232)(625A/62xx)
  • Click on Read Flash 
  • Now Click on RUN and Press the Power button on Phone

LAVA kkt34i read flash success with volcano tool mtk 6260 cpu

LAVA KKT34i Read Flash Volcano Tool Log:

Volcano Updated: 2014-03-20
  Connection successful,connected state!
  Version: V3.8
  After format or Flash you have to press & hold power button for at least 1.30 mins.
  Note for win7 users :
  Start your Win 7 64bit with F8 key and choose 'Disable Driver Signature Enforcement'.
  After that the spd drivers will have the ability to be loaded.
  Available Ports:COM1 COM11
  Detection initiated, connect the phone and power on it...
  Vcc: 4
  Gnd: 2
  RX: 9, TX: 7

  Hardware version:CA00
  Software version:0000
  CPU TYPE:6260
  Internal version:8000
  Boot downloading complete!
  Flash ID: 00C2002500360000
  Flash Type: SF_MX25U3235E             
  Chip Capacity: 0x400000(4MB)
  Baud adjust...complete.
  Flash reading complete!


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