Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Forme C2+ SPD 6620 Read Flash With Volcano Tool Using Rx and Tx

How to read flash Forme C2+ Color mobile phone using volcano tool with the help of Rx and Tx. In this way you can also flash the Forme C2+ with Volcano Tool.

How to Find Rx and Tx Forme C2+ and Read Flash Volcano Tool

  • Use Universal Jig 
  • Sold 5 Wire to the Universal Jig
  • In Forme C2+ there is no Rx Tx mark only 6 Pins
  • In forme C2+ 2pins are Ground sold any one wire to any one of these 2 pins and sold other 4 wires to other 4 pins
  • Now connect the Box power to the phone

  • Open Volcano tool
  • Go to SPD Tab
  • Select 6610/20 Boot
  • Tick Auto detect Pinouts ( Remember Rx Tx should be selected not USB D+ D-)
  • Select any Task i.e. Read Flash
  • Click Run
Forme C2+ Rx Tx Volcano tool Read Flash

Volcano Tool will automatically find the Rx Tx Pinout and Read the flash file of Forme C2+.

Forme C2+ Log Volcano Tool

Detection initiated, connect the phone and power on it...
  Vcc: 5
  Gnd: 1
  RX: 3, TX: 2
  Waiting for phone's response, press the Power on the phone. 
  Internal version: Spreadtrum Boot Block version 2.0
  Boot downloaded.
  Start boot please wait a moment....
  Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.2
  CPU TYPE:SC6610/20 [66100000]
  FLASH ID: 00C8004000160000
  Flash Type:[GD]  GD25Q32
  Reading completed.
  The data has been saved in C:\Users\xxxx\Desktop\Forme C2+\MOCOR_09A_MP.W11.16_P2_Release_20140415_115306_FullFlash.bin, size: 4 M.

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