Sunday, May 11, 2014

Download Latest Version Of Volcano Tool V2.6.4 - Volcano Box Updates

Volcano Box release it's latest update again, The Volcano Tool V2.6.4 which has many more things in it and fix some bugs also. So here is the latest Volcano tool V2.6.4 download and enjoy with Volcano Box.

Volcano Tool Latest Setup V2.6.4

What's New In Volcano Tool V2.6.4

  • MTK Android Tool Fixed 6573 BUG format
  • MTK Android Tool Fixed 6575 BUG format
  • Adjust the MTK6573 to read flash
  • Adjust the MTK6575 to read flash
  • Adjust the MTK6572 to read flash
  • Adjust the MTK6589 to read flash (Beta)
  • Adjust the MTK6572 write flash
  • Adjust the MTK6583 write flash (Beta)
  • Spreadtrum Android added new flash support
  • Adjust the SC6531 to read flash
  • MTK IMEI new algo added

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