Friday, June 20, 2014

How to Create a Modified USB Cable For Volcano Box

Here you will find how to create a Modified USB Cable to flash mobile phones with Volcano Tool using the modified USB Cable. When you flash mobile phones with Volcano Toll normally you use the JIG Cable to flash the phone but this Modified USB Cable helps you flash the phone using the USB Cable.

Note: Not all the modes will work with this USB Cable but in many cases it's very useful

This cable will work for MTK, SPD, MSTAR and RDA CPU

How to Create Modified USB Cable?

Take a Nokia CA-101 USB Cable
Pin - 1= VCC
Pin -2= D-
Pin -3 = D+
Pin -4 = Empty
Pin -5 = GND

Just Joint the Pin 4 and 5 to Create the Android Modified Cable

(Sold one wire with Black color wire PIN-5 and another wire to the empty PIN then short the both wire)

Modified USB Cable to Flash Mobile Phones Volcano Tool

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