Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Camera Failed Errormessagehandler.handlemessage (-1) - Solved

Here you will learn how to solve the Camera error on Samsung Galaxy Y, when you touch the camera icon to open the camera, the error message will come i.e. camera failed errormessagehandler.handlemessage (-1). So it's not a firmware/software issue, it's a hardware problem of the Samsung Galaxy y s5360, that means you have some problem in the camera, to repair that please see the below details.

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Camera Error Solved
Samsung S5360 Camera Error Solved.

Open the camera and clean the camera holder and then fix it, your problem will be solved. This is tested and working fine for Me. 

Note: Camera removing is difficult, so do it very carefully and with your own risk, if you are Mobile Technician then you can do.

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