Friday, July 4, 2014

How to Flash Samsung S5360 With Odin -

Here is the complete process or step by step process to flash Samsung S5360 with Odin. Samsung S5360 Restart problem solved by flashing with Odin3. Download the Samsung Firmware for S5360 and Odin3 V1.84 with totoro_0623.pit file and flash with Odin, the below is the process to flash S5360 with Odin.

Required Files To Flash S5360

  • Samsung S5360 Flash File
  • Odin 3 with Pit File
  • A micro USB Cable

Samsung S5360 Flash with Odin

How to Flash S5360 With Odin

  • Open Odin3_v1.84
  • Click on PIT Tab and Select totoro_0623.pit
  • BOOTLOADER = DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5360XXKK5_REV05.tar
  • PDA = PDA_S5360XXKK6_REV05.tar
  • PHONE = MODEM_S5360XXKK5_REV05.tar
  • CSC = GT-S5360-MULTI-CSC-OXEKK1.tar
  • Put the S5360 into Download Mode and connect with USB Cable (Download Mode S5360 = Volume Down + Home + Power then Volume Up)
  • Now Click on Start

How to flash S5360 with Odin (Odin Flashing Process S5360)

Let the Flash finished, when you see All threads completed and PASS! that means you have completed the flashing of S5360.

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