Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to Flash Samsung S8530 With Multiloader - A Complete Procedure

Samsung S8530 successfully flashed with Multiloader V5.67, the below is the complete and step by step procedure to flash Samsung S8530 with Multi Loader, where you can know which file to select and how to select the flash files of S8530 and which model to select on Multiloader to flash the phone.

  • multiloader v5.67.zip and
  • Samsung S8530 Firmware

s8530 flash done with multi loader
Samsung S8530 Flash With Multiloader

  • Open MultiLoader V5.67
  • Select LSI and Tick on Full Download
  • Click on BOOT and give the the BOOTFILES Path Ex. S8530\BOOTFILES
  • Amss = amss.bin
  • Apps = apps_compressed.bin
  • Rsrc1 = Rsrc_S8530.rc1
  • Rsrc2 = Rsrc2_S8530(Low).rc2
  • Factory FS = FactoryFs_S8530_Common.ffs
  • SHP APP = ShpApp.app
  • CSC = CSC_S8530_Open_JPKA1.csc
  • Now Put the Samsung S8530 in to Download Mode (Press Both Volume Key + Camera + Power Key), Remember Samsung S8530 Download Mode Volume UP + Volume Down + Camera + Power Key.
  • Connect the Samsung S8530 with Micro USB Cable
  • Then Click on Download Button

That's all now wait till the flash process complete after that the phone will automatically restart and finally Samsung S8530 has been successfully flashed.


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