Reconnect RPSPG3201 Hard Reset and Pattern Unlock Solution

Here you will know how to hard reset and pattern unlock of Reconnect RPSPG3201? see the below steps to hard reset and unlock pattern lock of the mobile phone. Reconnect RPSPG3201 which has the Android 2.3.5.

Reconnect RPSPG3201 hard reset done with buttons

Reconnect RPSPG3201 Hard Reset

  • Volume Down + Volume Up + Power Button You see Android logo with Exclamatory Triangle
  • Press Home Button Android system Recovery 
  • Volume Down and select wipe data/factory reset
  • Press Left Soft key to Enter
  • Volume down and select Yes -- delete all user data
  • Press left soft key to Enter
  • Reboot the device 

It will take some time to switch ON, so wait for 2 to 4 minutes, after the phone will switched ON and you see the menu.

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