Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rokea S3 SPD 6530 Read Password Done With Volcano Tool

Rokea S3 which has a SPD 65310 CPU, Read Password and Unlock done with volcano tool V2.3.9. The below is the process to read password of Rokea S3 SPD 6530.

Rokea S3 Volcano Tool Log:
Detection initiated...
  Vcc: 12 13
  Gnd: 14
  Analyzing D+ and D-...
  D+ = 8, D- = 7
  Analyzing USB device, please wait...
  Find USB device:SCI USB2Serial (COM12), (VID_1782&PID_4D00)

  Internal version: SPRD3
  Boot downloaded.
  Start boot please wait a moment....
  Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.2
  CPU TYPE:SC6530 [65300000]
  FLASH ID: 00C8006000180000
  Flash Type:[GD]  25LQ128YIG
  [phone lock]  1234
  [phone lock]  32888
  One privacy lock: 1-9 or #.
  Reading IMEI password completed

Rokea S3 read password and unlock with volcano tool

Rokea S3 Read Password Volcano Tool

  • Open volcano tool
  • Go to SPD Tab
  • Select Read IMEI & Read Password
  • Select Boot 13-6530
  • Tick on Auto Detect Pinouts
  • Click on Run

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