Sunday, September 21, 2014

Samsung S3802 Flashing, Phone Lock and SIMlock Successfully Done With HWK

How to flash Samsung S3802 with HWK? the below is the procedure to flash Samsung S3802 with HWK Samsung Tool, in this way you can hard reset the Samsung phone and can reset the SIM lock for this model. So follow the below procedure to flash and phone lock of Samsung S3802.

Samsung S3802 Flash With HWK
  • Open Samsung Tool (SAMs)
  • Go to Sky/Inf Tab and Choose S3802 Model
  • Now Choose the S3802 firmware files
  • Click on Write Flash and Connect the phone with UART Cable
  • After flash complete Click on Unlock Tab to Factory Reset the phone

Samsung S3802 Flashing and Phone Unlock and SIMlock solution with HWK samsung tool
HWK Unlock Log S3802

IME1: --------
IME2: --------0
S/N : RZ1DA61E7K
NCK : 00000000 [#0111*00000000#]
SCK : 00000000 [#0121*00000000#]
SPCK: 00000000 [#0133*00000000#]
PCK : 00000000 [#0141*00000000#]
MCK : 12345678 [#0199*12345678#]
Lock Keys Reset Done

Use these default code after flash the phone.

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