Monday, October 27, 2014

How to Apply Driving Licence (DL/LL) Online

Here is the topic how to apply Driving Licence Online ? and an example how to fill the online application. So if you are going to apply for new DL then you have to first apply for Learning Licence (LL) then after you will get the Driving Licence. The below is the process to apply Learning Licence Online.

Learning Licence application Online

How to Apply DL Online 

  • Go to
  • Click on Issue of a Learning Licence to Me
  • Scroll down and Tick on I Read The Above instructions Carefully and Click Proceed
  • Then the online form will appear fill the form carefully and submit

That's all this the procedure to apply LL online, but most of the users are unable to open the application form online and this can be solved by following the below process.

Unable to Open Learning Licence Application Online

  • First download the latest Adobe Reader and Install it.
  • If you use Internet Explorer then no need any settings but in case Firefox you have to do a small setting for it.
  • Go to Firefox Options--> Applications (Alt+T+O for Firefox Options) and scroll down to Portable Document Format (PDF) and select Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)
FireFox Settings for apply LL Online
  • Then Click on OK
  • Now go to and click on Learning Licence
  • If you see the below screen then Click on Allow Now to allow the adobe Firefox plug-in
Allow adobe plugin on Firefox for Online DL Application

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