Memory Card Unlock Using Advance Turbo Flasher (ATF) - Micro SD Card Password Removed With ATF

How to unlock MMC or SD card? if you have ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher) then you can easily unlock or remove password of the Memory Card. To remove password you have to buy a MMC Unlock Cable for the ATF and the procedure to remove password for the MMC or SD Card given below.

MMC or SD Card Unlock Using ATF (MMC-SD Card password removed)

Remove Micro SD Card Password With ATF

  • Connect the Box to Computer
  • Open ATF Application (Advance Turbo Flasher)
  • Go to Connection Manager
  • Connect the MMC/SD Card Unlocker to ATF and insert SD Card in it.
  • First Click on Read Card Info (It will show whether the Card is Password Protected or Not)
  • Then If you want to format the card it's easy Just Click on Total Erase Card, this option will erase/format the MMC/SD Card along with the Password but remember your Memory card data will be lost.
  • If you want to recover the password
  • Click on Start/Resume Brute Force
  • It will take some time to find the password for the MMC

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