Friday, December 12, 2014

Nokia 107 Flash Done With ATF Using Nokia 101 Fbus Cable

How to flash Nokia 107 with ATF? you can flash this phone using ATF and no need to buy a 107 Fbus cable you can flash with Nokia 101 Fbus cable. The below is the detail procedure to flash the Nokia 107 with Advance Turbo Flasher. 

Nokia 107 Full Factory Reset With ATF
  • Open ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher)
  • Under Infineon choose 107: RM-961
  • Click on BUS Check
  • Connect the Nokia 101 Fbus cable
  • Now go to Tuning and Maintenance 
  • Click Reset All

Nokia 107 hard reset, factory reset or user code reset done with ATF

That's all now you have successfully reset the Nokia 107 to the factory defaults, in this way you can reset the user code for this phone.

Nokia 107 Read Flash with ATF

Nokia 107 Read Flash with ATF
ATF Nokia 107 log
Booting Phone...
VBATT Powering Down <<<<
VBATT Powering Up   >>>>
SET VCCIO Level Done
SET BSI Load Done

Booting Phone...
CPU ID Response: A200341100
CPU Type: XG110 2.1B
Phone Booted after 5 attempts...

              START INFINEON BUS CHECK                 

Sending PBL 37888 bytes...
PBL Successfully Sent...
Sending SBL 65024 bytes...
SBL Successfully Sent...

Flash Chip Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics
Flash Chip Type: M58WR064 64 Mbit (4Mb x 16) NOR
Extended Information: Multiple Bank / Burst / 1.8v

              INFINEON BUS CHECK DONE                 

FACTORY SET TO : Full Factory Set
FACTORY SET TO : Leave Factory
FACTORY SET TO : Service Center
FACTORY SET TO : Software Upgrade
FACTORY SET TO : Production Tune

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