Thursday, December 11, 2014

Samsung E1200Y Read Codes Success With Z3X

How to  read codes of Samsung E1200Y using z3x Samsung Tool? the below is the process to read codes with flash mode for the E1200Y mobile phone.

Samsung E1200Y Read Codes
  • Open Samsung tool V18.3
  • Choose the Mode E1200Y
  • Select Flash Mode
  • Click on Read Codes option
  • Now Hold the OK button and Connect the phone with USB Cable 

E1200Y how to flash and read codes z3x
Samsung E1200Y z3x Log

Selected model: E1200Y
Selected port: COM97 USB Serial Port
Selected port speed: 921600
Waiting phone... detected COM84
Sending FDL... OK
Reconnecting phone... OK
Reading NV... OK
Checking NV... OK
IMEI Master: .........
Phone HW: MP 0.300
Product code:
Please wait, calculating codes... OK (time - 00:00:06)
Freeze code:  17368172
NET lock:  00000000
Sub lock:  00000000
SP lock:  00000000
CP lock:  00000000
SIM lock:  00000000
For check lock status: *#7465625#
Done with Samsung Tool v.18.3

Done with Samsung Tool v.18.3

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