Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Samsung E1207Y Flash Done With Z3x - Z3x Samsung Tool

How to flash Samsung E1207Y using Samsung Tool? Samsung E1207y flashing procedure with z3x given below, flash the phone using the following process with Samsung tool.

E1207Y flash success with Z3X
  • Open Samsung Tool V18.4
  • Select model E1207y and COM port
  • Select the E1207Y flash file
  • Click on Flash
  • Now connect the phone to PC by holding the Center/Music Key

E1207Y flash done z3x
Samsung E1207Y Z3x Log:

Selected model: E1207Y
Selected port: COM97 USB Serial Port
Selected port speed: 921600
Waiting phone... detected COM84
Sending FDL... OK
Reconnecting phone... OK
Reading NV... OK
Saved to C:\Program Files\Z3X\Samsung\SamsungTool\Backup\nvitem_E1207Y_29-12-2014_14-10-52.bin
Sending SSBOOT... OK
Sending PS... OK
Sending CSC... OK
Erasing FLASH... OK
Flashing done  (time - 00:01:22)
Done with Samsung Tool v.18.4

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