Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How To Flash Samsung S5282 With Z3X Using Single tar File ( Home.tar file)

Here is the details about the flashing of Samsung S5282 with z3x using the single .tar file, that means as you know some Samsung firmware are coming with single .tar flash file, so this topic is about how to flash using this single home.tar file for Samsung Mobile.

So here is the example of Samsung S5282 how to flash with single flash file, download flash file S5282XXANA2_S5282ODDANA1_S5282DDAMH1_HOME.tar and use z3x to flash the firmware to the phone.

S5282 Flash With Z3x Using Single Flash File
  • Open z3x Samsung Tool
  • Select the Model
  • Choose the .pit file
  • Now Click on PDA and Select the Home.tar file
  • Put the phone to Download Mode
  • Connect to the PC
  • Now Click on Flash

S5282 How to flash with Home tar File using z3x
S5282 z3x Samsung Tool Log:

Selected model: S5282
Selected port: COM97 USB Serial Port
Selected port speed: 115200
File analysis... OK
Total file size: 0x3A75772C
Searching USB Flash Interface... detected COM17
Setup connection... OK
Reading PIT from phone... OK
Saved to C:\Program Files\Z3X\Samsung\SamsungTool

Sending SPRDDSP.img... OK
Sending boot.img... OK
Sending recovery.img... OK
Sending SPRDCP.img... OK
Sending cache.img... OK
Sending system.img... OK
Sending hidden.img... OK
Sending param.lfs... OK
Flashing done  (time - 00:02:43)
Done with Samsung Tool v.18.8

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