Saturday, March 14, 2015

How to Format Lava KKT35 With Volcano Utility V2.9.7 & Read Flash

Lava KKT 35 Read Flash and Format Success With Volcano Tool, the below is the process to flash the Lava KKT35 mobile phone. The phone has a MTK CPU and can be flash with Volcano Tool. To flash the phone see the below details.

Mobile Information:
Baseband chip Version:MT6253, E02
DSP Firmware Version:2000.00.00
DSP Patch Version:1.0
Software Version:L56QK01.
Hardware Version:LCSH53_IBU_09A_HW
Audio Version:Melody V0.0

Lava KKT 35 Read Flash Success With Volcano Tool

Internal version:0000
Flash ID: 0089890300000000
Flash Type: NOR_INTEL_PF38F30xxM0x1xx  
Chip Capacity: 0x1000000(16MB)
Mobile phone software version for:L56QK01.

Lava KKT35 Format With Volcano Tool
  • Open volcano tool
  • Go to MTK tab
  • Select Format
  • Connect the JIG to the phone
  • Click on Start

How to Format Lava KKT35 With Volcano Utility V2.9.7

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