Sunday, March 15, 2015

Karbonn K Phone1 NEW1 Read Flash Done With Volcano Tool Using USB Mode

How to read flash of Karbonn K-Phone1 New1 with volcano tool using USB Cable? Here is the process to read flash of Karbonn K-Phone1 which has MTK CPU with volcano Utility/tool using the CA101 USB cable.

K Phone1 NEW1 Read Flash With Volcano Tool
  • Open volcano tool
  • Go to MTK tab
  • Select Boot 11 and Read Flash and USB Mode
  • Click on Start
  • Now connect the switched off phone to PC using USB cable

Karbonn K Phone 1 NEW1 Read Flash Done With Volcano Tool (MTK 6260 CPU)
K Phone1 New1 Volcano Read Flash Log:

Analysis of USB port,Please insert phone USB cable.
  Hardware version:CB00
  Software version:0000
  CPU TYPE:6260
  Internal version:8000
  Boot downloading complete!
  Flash ID: 00C8006000170000
  Flash Type: SF_GD25LQ64               
  Chip Capacity: 0x800000(8MB)
  Baud adjust...complete.
  Flash reading complete!
  The data has been saved in C:\Users\------\Desktop\K Phone1 NEW1\VSUN60A_11B_PCB01_gprs_MT6260_S00.KARBONN_KPHONE1_NWKPD_MT6260_V007_20131203_1238.bin, size: 8 M.

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