Wednesday, May 20, 2015

LG GS190 Read Unlock Code Done with Volcano Tool V2.9.9

How to flash LG GS190? You can flash the phone using Volcano Tool. The below is the complete steps to flash LG GS190 Using Volcano Tool V2.9.9. The phone has a MTK CPU MT6226 and can be read unlock code with Volcano box.

LG GS190 Read Unlock Code Volcano Tool
  • Open volcano tool
  • Go to MTK tab
  • Select Unlock Code
  • Connect the phone to PC
  • Click on Start

How to Flash LG GS190 With Volcano Tool to Read User Code or Unlock Code
LG GS190 Volcano Tool Log:

Detection initiated, connect the phone and power on it...
  Vcc: null
  Gnd: 5
  RX: 3, TX: 2
  Hardware version:8B02
  Software version:8B01
  CPU TYPE:6226
  Internal version:8A00
  CPUID   :3E02E01F
  Boot downloading complete!
  Flash ID: 00EC227E22632260
  Flash Type:  NOR_KAL5563CAM          
  Chip Capacity: 0x2000000(32MB)
  Mobile phone software version for:GS190-00-V10h-404-XX-FEB-05-2010
  Baud adjust...complete.
  Read phone information success.
  Available Ports:COM1 COM6
  Mobile Information:
  Baseband chip Version:MT6226M, E02
  DSP Firmware Version:2005.04.12
  DSP Patch Version:1.0
  Software Version:GS190-00-V10h-404-XX-FEB-05-2010
  Hardware Version:EP1

>>Audio Version:Melody V0.0

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