Friday, October 23, 2015

Micromax A065 Read Pattern Lock Done With Volcano Tool V3.0.7

How to read the pattern lock of Micromax A065 using Volcano Tool? here is the way through which you can read the pattern using Volcano tool/utility. If the phone has MTK CPU then Volcano tool can read the pattern style of the phone. To using this service the phone should be in pattern lock condition, that means on pattern lock screen not on the forgot pattern screen asking Email id and password.

Micromax A065 Read Pattern Lock
Open Volcano tool
Go to Android Tab
Select Read Info
Click Start
Connect the switched off phone with battery to PC using USB Cable
Wait till the process finish 
At last you will get the pattern lock style in visual and in Numeric.

Micromax a065 Read Pattern lock Done With Volcano TOol
Micromax A065 Read Pattern Log Volcano Tool:
Analysis of USB port,Please insert phone USB cable.
  Hardware version:CA00
  Software version:0000
  SecCfgVal :0x00000000
  BromVersion :0xFF
  BLVersion :0x01
  Boot downloading complete!
  EMMC_BOOT1_SIZE: 0x00200000
  EMMC_BOOT2_SIZE: 0x00200000
  EMMC_PRMB_SIZE: 0x00020000
  EMMC_GP1_SIZE: 0x00000000
  EMMC_GP2_SIZE: 0x00000000
  EMMC_GP3_SIZE: 0x00000000
  EMMC_GP4_SIZE: 0x00000000
  EMMC_USER_SIZE: 0x0E6800000(3.60 G)

  Analysis of system files...
  PRELOADER:  addr:0x000000 --length:0x1400000
  MBR:  addr:0x1400000 --length:0x080000
  EBR1:  addr:0x1480000 --length:0x080000
  PRO_INFO:  addr:0x1500000 --length:0x300000
  NVRAM:  addr:0x1800000 --length:0x500000
  PROTECT_F:  addr:0x1D00000 --length:0xA00000
  PROTECT_S:  addr:0x2700000 --length:0xA00000
  SECCFG:  addr:0x3100000 --length:0x020000
  UBOOT:  addr:0x3120000 --length:0x080000
  BOOTIMG:  addr:0x31A0000 --length:0x600000
  RECOVERY:  addr:0x37A0000 --length:0x600000
  SEC_RO:  addr:0x3DA0000 --length:0x040000
  MISC:  addr:0x3DE0000 --length:0x080000
  LOGO:  addr:0x3E60000 --length:0x300000
  EXPDB:  addr:0x4160000 --length:0xA00000
  ANDROID:  addr:0x4B60000 --length:0x32000000
  CACHE:  addr:0x36B60000 --length:0x8000000
  USRDATA:  addr:0x3EB60000 --length:0xA6BC0000
  BMTPOOL:  addr:0xFFFF00A8 --length:0x1500000

Format addr:0x3EB60000 --Format length:0xA6BC0000
  Read phone information success.
>>Pattern lock is : 6301258

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