Sunday, April 24, 2016

Samsung J2 (J200G) FRP Unlock Done

How to FRP unlock Samsung J2? and how to bypass Gmail verification on Android device? Here is the solution for FRP lock of Samsung J2. When you hard reset the phone due to any reason (using keys) it will ask to activate the device and enter the previous Gmail and Password which used on the particular device. So when you want to reset the device please use the Factory reset in the Options, in that case it will not ask any verification. This tutorial is about FRP lock solution of Samsung J200G or J2.

Note: FRP Unlock will delete all user data and try it at your own risk.

Samsung J2 FRP Unlock Done Samsung Tool PRO

Samsung J2 FRP Lock Solution:
  • First download J2 firmware and flash the phone using Odin downloader.
  • After complete the flash put the phone into download mode again and connect it to PC.
  • Open Samsung Tool Pro and Select Model J200G.
  • Go to Unlock Tab
  • Now Click on Reset FRP/React/EE and wait until the process complete
Now switch on the phone it will not ask any Reactivation or enter Gmail, so now you have successfully hard reset or FRP unlock done on the Samsung J2.


  1. samsung j200g to remove frp lock use z3x pro v27.7 then use g920f model then put in to download mode click frp rest its done 1000000%

    New Securiry Type:
    Phone must be rooted!
    If the software can't root the phone automatically,
    then you must root your device manually.
    1. Power on the phone.
    2. Tap 7 times on 'Build number' in 'Settings'-'About phone' to enable 'Developer options',
    go to 'Settings'-'Developer options' and enable 'USB debugging'.
    3. Connect the phone to PC with USB cable, install drivers if needed.
    4. Select device in ADB settings.
    5. Press 'Unlock' button and select 'New Unlock' for direct unlock.
    6. Press 'Read codes' button and select 'Read codes New' to read security codes.

    Old Securiry Type:
    1. Power on the phone.
    2. Connect the phone to PC with USB cable.
    3. Check Samsung modem in device manager, install drivers if needed.
    4. Press 'Unlock' button and select 'Unlock' for direct unlock.
    5. Press 'Read codes' button and select 'Read codes' to read security codes.

    To reset Google account activation or Samsung reactivation lock:
    1. Power on phone in download mode (turn off phone, press vol.down + home + power).
    2. Connect phone to PC with USB cable, install drivers if needed.
    3. Press 'Reset FRP/React/EE' to deactivate Google/Samsung/EE account activation lock.
    4. After phone reboot, go to settings and perform factory reset.

    Operation: Reset FRP/React/EE
    Selected model: SM-G920F
    Software version: 27.7

    Searching Samsung USB Flash interface... COM5 detected
    Setup connection... Ok
    Reading PIT from phone... Ok
    Searching FRP lock... Ok
    Erasing FRP lock... Ok
    Reset done
    For complete reset FRP, goto 'Backup and reset' and make 'Factory data reset'

    Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.27.7


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