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Moto G4 Plus XT1643 FRP Solution With TestDPC App

Here is the tutorial, how to bypass Gmail activation lock which means FRP (Factory Reset Protection) on Motorola Android smartphones, and here is the example of Moto G4 Plus XT1643 and in this model how you  can permanently by pass the Gmail activation lock or FRP. Follow the below steps carefully to unlock FRP on Moto G4 Plus XT1643.

Moto G4 Plus Xt1643
Wifi Connection
Test DPC App (Can be download)

Test DPC App Simple Developer APK for Android

Moto G4 Plus Xt1643 FRP Unlock Done:
  1. First Hard Reset the phone using keys, using recovery mode
  2. Then after switch on the device click next to procedure
  3. When you see WiFi connect using your wifi password
  4. Then when it asked for Email id, do not enter your Email id just go to the Key board Settings. (For Keyboard Settings Press @ or , button and it may be different as per the Android Keyboard you use)
  5. Now go to Google Keyboard Settings
  6. Then Text Correction
  7. Then Dictionary
  8. Then Personal Dictionary
  9. All Languages
  10. Click the + mark to create a new word
  11. Type the word, here you just type 2-3 letters and select it
  12. Now click on share and select Messages
  13. Then enter 190 and click on send ( your message will not sent as you do not have any SIM card in the phone)
  14. Now click on Call, it will open the Dial Pad
  15. Now delete the 190 No. and enter this *#*#4636#*#* (It will open the Testing Menu)
  16. Click on Usage statistics
  17. Then click on the back (top left) to see the Phone Settings
  18. Now scroll down and select Google then Search & Now then Now Cards
  19. Then click on show cards then click on No Thanks
  20. Now search Chrome and select it to open
  21. In the URL type test dpc app (Download the app)
  22. After download complete go back and repeat the 18 and 19 step
  23. Now search downloads and install the test DPC App
  24. Open Test DPC App and Select Setup Device Owner
  25. Click SETUP then ENCRYPT then ENCRYPT PHONE it will reboot the device
  26. After restart it will ask to Set up your device Click on SET UP then OK
  27. Now Power off the phone and switch on it again
  28. Just scroll down from the top and select Settings and enable Developer Mode and go to Developer Options and choose OEM Unlocking and click OK.
  29. Now go back to the Backup and reset and reset the phone
That's all now wait until the hard reset process complete and now it will not ask any Email id to enter or FRP lock, now you have successfully remove the FRP on Moto G4 Plus.
Note: This process is for only Tutorial purpose, we are not responsible for any damage happens to the phone.


  1. encrypt button was hide what i do

    1. Plug in the charger to the phone and wait sometime, it will automatically enable the Encrypt button or charge the mobile phone at-least to 90% of the battery.

    2. any other option to unlock google account her is no option. share function is not showing and keyboard setting also. give me a new ideas

    3. Hi

      Just try to select any word by double tap on it, and then search it will open on Google search app, then search "chrome" and click on settings it will open chrome browser, now follow the above process.

  2. Replies
    1. it's tested on 5.0 and 6.0, if you want give a try on 7.0

  3. I tried in 7.0 it didn't work ,so pls give any solution for 7.0

  4. I tried in moto g4 plus 7.0 it didn't work ,so pls any solutions

  5. here is no options to search or share
    l tried everything but not show this options when i select any word or text

    1. This process is work on Android 5.0 and 6.0, follow the above process carefully and you will success.

      Thanks & Regards
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  6. what if the the usb is disabled via frp and factory mode will not activate?

    1. If you are able go inside the phone while it's locked, then you can install apps using the Internet. The main thing of FRP unlock without using any box is the trick you go inside on a FRP locked Android Phone, then only you can install app and try some tricks to Unlock the phone.

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      Thanks & Regards
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  7. I have Moto g4 plus I try all the ways I don't know how to unlock it pls help

  8. I have Moto g4 plus I try all the ways but I can't unlock it pls help


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