Thursday, November 24, 2016

Samsung J2 2016 (J210E) FRP Unlock Solution

In this topic we will show, how to FRP unlock or bypass FRP of Samsung J2 2016 Android Version 6.0.1 new security. If you forgot the Gmail account user id and password then this process will help you to recover your device using new Gmail id and password. This is a long process but don't worry, just have patience and follow the steps carefully.

  • Android_6_Google_Account_Manager.apk Here
  • com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0.apk Here
Both can be download here

  • First download the above two Android apps
  • Now Copy these files to a pen drive and a OTG Cable
  • 2 SIM Cards with PIN Lock
J2 2016 FRP Lock Reset OK

How to FRP Reset Samsung J2 2016 ?
  • Switch on the phone and connect to WiFi then switch off the phone
  • Put 2 SIM cards (With PIN Lock) and switch on the phone again
  • Now it will ask Unlock SIM
  • Enter the SIM 1 PIN Number and Press OK and wait until it shows signal (Only SIM 1 PIN)
  • Select Emergency Call and touch the Emergency Call icon (Down Left Corner) you return to the Lock screen don't worry just do it again and now you also come back to the lock screen
  • Now just put the second SIM PIN Number and press OK
  • In this step you will the SIM Card Manager on the phone, Press DONE
  • Now you will see the Contacts
  • Now to call, just select any one contact and end the call suddenly and Immediately Click on Message Icon (Select your contact number) If you do not save any contacts in the SIM then you must do it before.
  • Now type a Message like this and send
  • Now you will see the email id underline on the message
  • Click on the Email id and Click on Send email
  • It will ask to Open With, Select Email
  • Now it will ask to Add new account (here you should give the working Gmail id and password)
  • Enter the Email Address and click on password box then click on Next, now enter the password click on sign in, click on Allow and wait until the process complete
  • Now the email will open, click on ATTACH, select OTHER (Bottom right corner)
  • Now select My Files (Now your are here My Files > Device Storage)
  • Just touch the My Files (on the top left side) to go back to the storage option (do not use the down right soft key to go back)
  • Now put the pen drive using OTG cable and click on device storage and come back again by touching the My Files
  • Now open the USB Storage, First install the Android_6_Google_Account_Manager.apk, there will be no open option just click on Done and come back and install com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0.apk and open it
  • Now you will see Re-type password, here you just select the Browser sign in on the top right corner
  • Now enter the Gmail id and Password, after sing in compete just restart the phone
Now it will not ask any Gmail id and after switch on the phone reset the device using settings options.

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