Karbonn A51+ Dead After Flash - The Complete Solution

Here we will discuss about the flashing procedure of Karbonn A51+, which is dead after flashing with SP flash tool. The phone has MTK CPU and can be flash using Smart Phone flash tool. Here is the step by step procedure to recover the Karbonn K51 Plus dead phone by flashing with the correct firmware.

Karbonn A51+ Not Switching ON:

After flashing with a51+ firmware using sp flash tool, the Karbonn A51+ dead and not switch ON now. This is the main problem of A51+, I searched for this problem on Google, but their is no described solution to recover the dead handset and finally I try some ways and here give you all the final solution to recover the dead Karbonn A51+ Android smartphone.

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Karbonn A51+ Dead After Flash Solution

Karbonn A51+ Dead Phone Flash Success:

Download SP Flash Tool V3.1340.0
Download A51+ Firmware A51+V01005 01-08-2014 (Kitkat) or as per the Mobile Version.
Flash using SP Flash Tool V3.1340.0
If Unable flash then first Format the phone and then try to flash
If Unable Format with this version of Sp flash tool then first format with the latest version of SP flash tool then flash with this version of Sp flash tool.

Try the above process carefully to flash Karbonn A51+ phone using SP flash tool, remember use the SP flash tool version given here, if you use the latest version of SP flash tool flash the phone, flashing may success but the phone will not be switch on.

I tried with a dead Karbonn A51+ mobile and success with the above process, in my case the phone was dead and when try to format or flash with SP Flash Tool V3.1340.0, it shows some error, then I format the phone using Latest version of SP flash tool then again format with SP Flash Tool V3.1340.0, then I flash the phone and now it's OK and working fine.

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