Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How to Flash Sony Xperia Firmware FTF Files

How to flash Sony Xperia .ftf flash files? Here is the solution for those who want to flash any Xperia Android smartphone using .ftf firmware. The below is the step by step process to flash Xperia mobile phones using flash tool. Flash all Sony Xperia android smartphones without using any flashing box, just download Xperia flash tool or flash tool and flash all Xperia phones which supports S1 protocol for flashing firmware.

Download Flash Tool

Download Xperia Flash Tool

How to Flash FTF Files Using Xperia Flash Tool?

1) Download and Install the Flash Tool.
2) Download the FTF Xperia Firmware Which You Want to flash.
3) Lock Remove FTF file also can be flash using this tool.
4) Now copy the .ftf firmware to firmware folder on your PC. (Ex. C:\Users\XXX\.flashTool\firmwares) where XXX is your User Name on the Comptuer.
5) Now Open the flash tool, Click on Flash Device Button and Choose "Flashmode".

How to Use Xperia Flash Tool - Xperia Flash Tool Download

6) Now Choose the firmware you want to flash, then select Wipe Userdata and Click on Flash.
7) Now connect the phone with Flash Mode ( Hold the Volume Down Key and Connect the phone to PC using USB Cable)

How to Xperia Flash Tool - Xperia Flash Tool Firmware Selector

8) That's all now wait until the flashing process complete and you are done.
9) If you want to "flash only the user data" just exclude all Sin files and check or tick on the "USERDATA" Only.

To exclude Sin files, which includes Partition, Kernel, Boot and System etc. just tick or select all the files on that side and flash the phone only to wipe user data on Xperia phones.

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