Monday, March 27, 2017

Lava X46 FRP Lock & Pattern Lock Remove Success

Here is the process to unlock frp and pattern lock or hard reset of Lava X46. The Lava X46 has Spreadtrum CPU and runs on Android platform, So if you hard reset the phone and further you forgot the Email id and password used in that phone, then it must be difficult to use the phone without entering the Gmail id and password. But in this topic or tutorial you get the details process to do FRP unlock on Lava X46, see the below process to unlock the phone.

How to do FRP unlock on Lava X46?

1) Download the FRP tool below.
2) Put the Lava X46 into recover mode (Volume Up + Power key).
3) Now select reboot to bootloader, means it will reboot into fastboot mode.
4) Now connect the phone to PC and install SPD ADB USB drivers.
5) Then open the FRP remove tool and press No. 9 and hit enter key.

That's all now after erasing FRP the phone will restart and you are successfully remove the FRP lock on Lava X47.

Recovery and Fastboot Mode Lava X46:

How to go in to recovery and fastboot boot mode on lava X46 Spreadtrum Android smartphone? see the below details steps for recovery and fastboot mode of Lava X47. For fastboot mode first you need to go to "recovery mode" and then select "reboot to bootloader" to boot the phone in to "fastboot mode".

1) Lava X46 Recovery Mode:

Press Volume up + Power  key for recover mode if not success the try the following key combinations to boot in to recovery mode.
Volume Down + Power Key
Both Volume key + Power key

In some Lava Android smartphone, you need to press Power key first and then hold volume key to boot in to recovery mode.

2) Lava X46 Fastboot Mode:

After successfully go to recover mode, press volume down key and select "reboot to bootloader" and press power to OK, and now the phone will boot to fastboot mode and now you can remove FRP by using the above process.


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