Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How To Use Android Apps Without Install

Google launched a new feature on Android smart phone called "Instant App", in which you can use Android Apps without installing on your device It will directly execute from link. So here in this topic we will discuss how to use Android Apps without installing on your Android phone or how to use Google Instant App.

As the feature is recently implemented by Google, so it's not available for all Android version. Now you will not able to run all Android Apps using Instant App feature on your smart phones, as the developers for the respective app should rebuild using new coding. The new coding for Instant App is available on Android Studio, if you are a developer you can download the latest "Android Studio" on which you can use the Instant App feature to rebuilt a Install App for the users.
Google Instant App For Android - Use Android Apps Without Installation

How to Use Android Apps Without Install?

To use this new feature on Android smart phones, that Apps can run without installation on the Android phone, you need to enable the Instant App feature in Settings of your Android smart phone, if the feature is not available on your device then try to update Android Operating System, if still you are not able to see the "Install App" feature on your smart phone then it may not support in your phone.

In the next topic we will discuss, How to enable and use Instant Apps on your Android smart phone or you can search this website to know more about Android Instant Apps.

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