Thursday, September 21, 2017

LG LS770 Configuring Your Phone - Solved

You may notice that, after Hard Reset LG LS770 smart phone it will stuck on the screen called "Configuring Your Phone" and it will not move forward. So here in this topic we will discuss, how to solve this problem on LG smart phones for the Model LS770. The below is the complete and working process to solve "Configuring Your Phone" on LG phones for the Model LG LS770.

LG LS770 Configuring Your Phone Solution Here

How to Solve LG LS770 Configuring Your Phone?
1- Hard reset the phone.
2- After Switch On Go to Accessibility and scroll down to Switch Access and Turn ON.
3- Now go back and click on Next.
4- Do not connect to any WiFi just lick Next.
5- Now it will show "Your Phone is not configured"
6- Now press the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Key at the same time For 3 Seconds then release all keys
7- Then Click the back button on touch screen
8- Now you will see two option "Retry" and "Skip"
9- Then just click on Skip and the click Next

That's all now you have successfully bypass the Configure Scree on LG LS770 Android smart phone.

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