Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Minimal Adb and Fastboot Tool Download

Here you can download some basic tool or command tool for Android smart phones called "Minimal Adb and fastboot" it's a zip file and its useful to execute command on Android smart phones on fastboot mode. To use this tool download and extract the files, you will find cmd-here.exe just open it and use some useful commands on Android smart phones, remember the phone should be in fastboot mode and fastboot or adb driver installed.

How to Use This Tool?

1- Download the 'Minimal Adb and Fastboot Tool' Here
2- Extract the Folder, you will find the below files.


3- Now you need to open cmd-here.exe, in some cases .exe will not be there so do not worry just double click on cmd-here and open it.
4- Now the ADB and Fastboot Command Window Will Open.
5- You can execute any supported commands on it, with the phone connected with fastboot mode.

Minimal Adb and Fastboot Tool Download


There are so many commands can be used through this tool, but here we are providing some useful example of frequently used commands below.


fastboot reboot = to reboot the phone
fastboot oem unlock = to unlock the oem lock
fastboot erase config = to erase configuration file in the phone (FRP unlock)
fastboot erase persist = to erase frp on Qualcomm CPU phones


Minimal Adb and Fastboot Tool

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