Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Oppo Qualcomm EDL Mode Reset FRP and Format User Data

Here you will know the complete process and free frp tool on Qualcomm CPU phones. If you are searching for how to hard reset and frp lock Oppo smart phones, having Qualcomm CPU or chip-set then you are in right place, here you will download free frp and hard reset tool for Oppo smart phones and do the hard reset and frp unlock on any model of Oppo smart phone having Qualcomm processor.

Oppo Qualcomm EDL Mode Reset FRP, Hard Reset and Format User Data

As you know on some Oppo smart phones, if you forgot the Pattern lock or PIN or Password then you may not able to hard reset the phone. When you try to hard reset the phone, whether it's through hard key or settings it will ask to confirm the lock code you used on that particular device. If the Oppo phone is runs on Qualcomm CPU then do not worry, you can easily hard reset and unlock frp lock on this device by using the free frp and hard reset tool edl mode.

How To Use This Tool?

1- Download Qualcomm EDL Mode Hard Reset and FRP Tool from the below link.
2- Extract the zip file, it may ask for password (see below).
3- Now open the tool and go to Qualcomm Tab.
4- Connect the phone with EDL mode to PC.
5- Now click on "Reset FRP" or "Format User Data" It depends what you need to do, then wait until the reset process compete and you are done.


Qualcomm EDL Mode FRP and Hard Reset Tool Here.

If you choose Reset FRP then it will do the frp unlock on the phone and if it's "format userdata" then it will do a factory reset of the phone.

Note: This topic is only for tutorial purpose and we are not responsible for any kind of damage happens to the phone.

Password = fctfrptool


  1. tool need to activation plz help

    1. Which tool ? Please clarify.
      This tool has the activation, check the text file inside the zip file and use the same to activate this Qualcomm EDL mode FRP Tool.

  2. the activation say... you do not have actvation please buy activatin first


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