Sunday, September 17, 2017

Xiaomi Mi (2016002) Mi Max Remove Mi Account OK

Redmi Xiaomi Mi 2016002 Mi Max remove Mi account or FRP lock success. Here in this topic you will know how to remove mi account on Mi Max smart phone. If the Mi Max Android smart phone is mi account locked then do not need to flash the phone using this process here you can easily remove mi account on this phone.

Here in this process of removing mi account on Xiaomi phones, you can use a tool called RBSoft_V1.5_Full and easily remove the mi account. To remove mi account Mi Max you need to put the phone in to EDL mode and then install Qualcomm QDloader USB driver and use this tool to remove Mi account. In this process you do not need to flash the phone just follow the below process to remove mi account without flashing the phone.

How to remove Mi Account on Xiaomi Mi Max 2016002

Xiaomi Mi Max (2016002) Remove Mi Account:

1- Download RBSoft_V1.5_Full
2- Put the phone to EDL Mode
3- Open the RB Soft tool and go to 'Xiaomi' tab and select 'Mi Max'.
4- Then choose the COM Port and click on Remove Account

Mi Max Remove Mi Account Log:

Select Model: Mi Max
Selected Operation: FRP
Opening Port COM82...Ok
Sending Loader...Ok
Removing Account Wait...Ok
Closing Port...Ok
Job Finish Successfully.
Press and hold power key for 15-20 second for restart.


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