Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Download Viber Messenger APK

Here you can download Viber.apk file on your device and install it on the Android smart phone and enjoy Viber Messenger to make free Video calls, Voice calls and chat with your friends, family and relatives using your phone's Internet connection. So to use Viber on your Android device you need to have the Data plan or you can also use WiFi.

Download Viber APK for Android smart phone and Windows, iOS, Mac and Linux

Viber Features:
  • Free messenger and make free calls
  • Live video chat or voice call
  • Enjoy high quality video and voice calls*
  • Group chat with up to 250 people
  • Connect with your friends,family and relatives worldwide
  • Hassle-free long-distance calls
  • Secured communications
  • Chat or message with stickers

For more information please visit Viber official website or visit Google Play Store

Multi Platform:

Viber support various platform or operating system i.e. Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux, which helps the user to connect each other through various devices having various operating systems. Here you can get the download link of Viber Messenger for all the platform and you can also directly download Viber.apk form the below links.


Download Viber Messenger for Windows Operating System PC

Viber Messenger For Windows PC

Download Viber Messenger for Linux

Viber Messenger For Linux
Download Viber Messenger for iOS

Viber Messenger For iPhone
Download Viber Messenger for Mac Operating System

Viber Messenger For Mac
Download Viber app for Android smart phone from Google Play

Viber Messenger on Google Play
Download Viber Messenger .APK form the below link

Viber Messenger APK Here

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