Monday, December 18, 2017

Nokia 105 RM-1133 Not Charging Tested Solution

Here on this topic/tutorial we will show you how to solve "Not Charging" problem in your Nokia 105 RM-1133. This solution is tested and 100% working for us, if you have the same issue on the phone then you can try this solution, we are sharing the solution to help others and get over the not charging problem on the Nokia 105 phone.

Nokia 105 Not Charging:

Let's explain the "not charging" problem on Nokia 105, check the charger V+ input to the charging IC and check the charging IC out put voltage, if it's Ok and check the voltage in Battery connector, if it's showing voltage and when you charging the phone it shows charging but after a few seconds suddenly it shows "Not Charging" and the charging process stops, in that case you can use this solution to solve not charging problem on Nokia 105 RM-1133.

Nokia 105 RM-1133 Not Charging Solution

As shown in the above image remove the Resistance/Resistor near battery connector and the not charging problem will be solved on the Nokia 105.

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