Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Samsung J7 Pro (J730GM) Android 7.0 FRP Unlock Solution

Here is the tutorial about, how to remove or bypass FRP lock on Samsung J3 J730GM? As you know Samsung J3 has the Android 7.0 Nougat and runs on Qualcomm chip-set and this can be unlock by following the below steps. There are some free tools and APK required for this Samsung FRP unlock tutorial and these are available on Internet. So let's start the tutorial, how to do FRP unlock on Samsung J3 Android 7.0 Nougat?

Samsung J3 Android 7.0 FRP Unlock Done Without Using Any Box
Download Required:

Search on Google and Download the below tool and Android Application.

Samsung J3 Secret Codes To Be Used For FRP Unlock:

Open Calculator and Use the following Codes

  1. (+30012012732+
  2. *#0808#

Samsung J3 FRP Unlock Process:

  • Install Go Launcher apk and open it (Copy file to SD card and insert in phone)
  • Now open calculator and use the above code.
  • Now USB Setting will Open and Select DM+ACM+ADB.
  • Then Click on "REBOOT"
  • Now Open "Samsung FRP Helper V0.2"and go to "ADB Method".
  • Then click on "Read Info" and then "Remove FRP".
  • You can also watch the complete video on YouTube, please visit the link below.

That's all now you have successfully remove the FRP lock on Samsung J3 Android 7.0, after switch on please enable "Developer Mode" and "OEM Unlock" and factory reset the phone.

Samsung J7 Pro (SM-J730GM) Android 7.0 FRP Unlock Solution Without Any Box

Watch the Video Here.

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