Friday, April 6, 2018

Acer T02 MT6735 Tool DL Image Fail Solution

As you know when you do FRP unlock of some MediaTek base Android phones, it shows "Tool DL Image Fail" when you switch on the phone. If it shows "Tool DL image fail" on the screen, the phone will continue reboot and you may not able to use the phone, but the question is how to solve this Tool DL image fail on any MTK MediaTek Android phones and here we are giving the example of Acer T02 MT6573 Android 5.1 phone and also this process can help you to recover your phone from 'Tool DL image fail' without flashing the phone. To solve this problem using Miracle Box please go through this tutorial below.

Check/Verify/Fix DL Image Fail Mode:

  1. Power Off Phone , Remove Battery, Insert Battery Back
  2. Insert USB cable. In some cases Required Hold BootKey
  3. Use Miracle Boot Key In cases Boot key not Find
  4. Battery Should be Charged more then 50%
  Waiting for USB Port...
  Set Mobistel PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COM154)
  Please Hold "ON" to connect with the phone...
  Connected to Phone.
  CPU: MT6735 SW:0000 Ver: CA00
  Downloading Boot8 ...
  EMMC Size: 0x03AB800000
  Flash Type: EMMC
  INT/EXT RAM  Size: 0x20000/0x80000000
  Checking DL...

How to Solve "Tool DL Image Fail" With Miracle Box?
  • Open Miracle Box V2.54
  • Go to MTK Tab and click on Extra.
  • Now Select Fix DL Mode and click on Start Button.
  • Wait until the Fix DL Image Fail verify done.
  • Now switch on the phone and enjoy.
Acer T02 MT6735 Fix Dl Mode Done - Acer AV0L0 Z530 Android 5 1

Acer T02 Z530 Info:

CPU: MT6735 SW:0000 Ver: CA00
EMMC Size: 0x03AB800000
Flash Type: EMMC
INT/EXT RAM  Size: 0x20000/0x80000000
WIFI MAC:1C3947491F3A

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