Monday, April 2, 2018

How to Remove Mi Account Without ReLock Issue With Miracle Box V2.72

Here is the tutorial for the Miracle Box users, how to remove Xiaomi Mi account without re-lock issue. If you are using Miracle Box then please update to the latest beta version 2.72 and unlock Mi account permanently. To use this feature user must be updated to latest version of Miracle Box reloaded V2.72 and follow the below steps.

Mi Account Remove Permanent Solution, as you know if unlock Mi account sometimes it getting locked again when the phone is connected to the Internet, so how you can overcome the problem or chance to re-lock of Mi account, if you are looking for how to remove Mi account without re-lock chance, then using the Miracle Box you can easily do it, please see the below step by step process to unlock Mi account with re-lock issue.

Mi Account Remove Without ReLock Issue With Miracle Box v.2.72
How to Recover Your Mi Account ID and Password?

In case you made a factory reset or hard reset the Mi phone, if will ask to enter the Mi account details i.e. Mi account ID and Password to unlock the phone as well as to use the Mi cloud services. If forgot the Mi account password then click on "Forgot Password" option to recover your Mi account. To recover the Mi account you must give the Mi account user Id (your registered Email Id) and enter the security details you given at the time of register of sign up process of the Mi account but if you forgot both the Mi account user Id and password, it may difficult to recover but using the Miracle Box you can remove/unlock Mi account permanently on the updated Android phone also.
How to Unlock Mi Account Without Re-Lock Chance?

  • Open Miracle Box V2.72
  • Go to Qualcomm Tab then Click on Extra Tab.
  • Put the phone into EDL Mode and connect to the PC.
  • Select the COM Port.
  • Select Mi account Unlock.
  • Now choose the phone Model.
  • Then click on Start Button and wait until the process complete.
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