Friday, May 4, 2018

How to Hard Reset LYF F50Y Using Keypad Buttons

Jio phone F50Y, if you are searching for how to hard reset the phone, because the Jio LYF F50Y hang on logo or continuously restarts or stuck on logo only, then you are at the right place where you can learn how to hard reset LYF Jio Phone using the keypad buttons. How to hard reset Jio LYF F50Y Keypad phone using buttons
Jio LYF F50Y You can easily hard reset/factory reset the phone. This topic will very helpful to the Mobile technicians both for fresher or experienced, if they do not know the hard reset process of the phone.

How to Hard Jio LYF F50Y?
  • Switch off the phone first.
  • Now Hold the Up button (Home key - up, down, left and right).
  • Then press power key, when it's vibrate release all keys and wait.
  • or Hold the up key and Power key at the same time, when vibrate release all keys.
  • Now it will show the Recovery options.
  • Now select wipe data/factory reset then press Power key to OK.
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