Monday, May 7, 2018

How to Solve "Your Connection To This Site Is Not Fully Secure" On Your Blog and Websites

You may notice when your site, blog or some other website you will get this error "Your connection to this site is not fully secure" on Google Chrome and if you are using FireFox you will get "Connection is Not Secure" (Parts of this page are not secure such as images). If you have a blog and website and face this type secure connection error over HTTPS and want to solve this, then this is the right place to solve secure connection error on your website or blog. Here we will show you the step by step way to fix this error on your Internet site.

As you know Google has implemented the HTTPS for it's Blogger users, that means Blogger can upgrade the blog from HTTP to HTTPS and it's free. If you are using custom domain on your blog, there here is good news for you, that Google also no providing HTTPS fro custom domain users and now the custom domain users can also use HTTPS instead of HTTP on their domain redirecting to the blog. But you may notice after HTTPS settings get done, you will see the secure connection error saying that "Your connection to this site is not fully secure" and Attackers might be able to see the images you are looking at on this site and trick you by modifying them. What does this error means although you have successfully apply the HTTPS instead of HTTP, it means some your website content or link is not going through the secure connection and in this article I will tell you how to solve the secure connection issue on your blog or website.
How to Solve Your Connection To This Site Is Not Fully Secure -  Blogger and Websites
How to Solve Secure Connection Error on Your Blog or Custom Redirect Domain?
  • Log in to your Blogger account and select the blog.
  • Now click on Theme and backup it first.
  • Now click on Edit HTML and find http:// URLs for JavaScript and Images and replace with https://.
  • That means search for all http:// and if you find any HTTP URLs such as link to Image, Video, Audio, Script or any other Link, then change these from http:// to https://.
  • Verify all the URLs is available over HTTPS, just put the https:// URLs into a new window in your browser if everything is working fine then you can replace the http:// to https:// inside the HTML Editor of the Theme.
  • Then click Save Theme.
  • Now you can check your blog to verify that the error is gone.

If The Secure Connection Problem Persist.
Check if you are using any third party widgets.
Remove any insecure Advertisers on your blog.

Note: In my case I have removed the third party "Related Post" Widget and put a new one and now the website works fine over HTTPS connection.

So in this way you can solve the secure connection problem to your Blog by changing all links from http:// to https:// inside the HTML code in the Blogger theme. For more information on this error you can visit the Blogger Help forum and for all other Blogger issue you can also visit Google Blogger Help Forum. If you have a website then you can also solve this issue by following the same process above.

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