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OnePlus 3/3T (A3003) FRP Unlock Solution Without Using Any Flashing Box

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In this article you will know hot to bypass or remove frp lock on OnePlus 3/3T without using Computer or any other mobile flash tools. This is an easy process to unlock frp lock on Android 6.0 smartphone. Unlock frp lock on OnePlus smart phone for the mode OnePlus 3 using the phone itself no need to use Computer and Internet connection. Please go through the below steps.
OnePlus 3 (A3003) FRP Unlock Solution Without Using Any Flashing Box or Computer
OnuPlus 3/3T FRP Bypass Using Home Button - Method 1
  • Switch on the phone when you see Wi-Fi connection page stop there.
  • Now press and hold Home button until it opens Google App Search.
  • Now Type Settings, just below you will see the Phone "Settings" Click on it.
  • Now go to About Phone and scroll down to "Build Number" and continuously tap on it until it shows now you are Developer.
  • Now come back and you will see Developer Options just above the "About Phone" Open it.
  • Then enable OEM Unlock and click OK.
  • Now go to backup and reset and click on reset all.
How to Enable Developer Mode On OnePlus 3/3T Locked Android Phone
OnePlus 3/3T FRP Unlock Using Secret Code - Method 2
You can also this method to unlock frp lock on Oneplus A3003 and this solution is 100% working, in this frp unlock method you also do not need any Computer or Mobile Flashing Box or Internet connection, just do it on the phone itself, please follow the below process.
  • Switch On the phone
  • Open Emergency Dial-pad and Enter this Code *#812#
  • Now you will see Setup Home tab 2-3 times on it.
  • Then Restart the phone and now you will see the home screen and it will not ask for re-verification. But to complete remove the Factory Reset Protection follow the below steps.
  • Go to Settings and enable Developer Options (Please follow the Method 1 steps to enable Developer Mode)
  • Then Go to Developer Settings and enable OEM Unlock.
  • Now go to Backup and Reset and do Reset All.
Now you have successfully remove the frp lock on the OnuPlus 3 Android smartphone. All these tow methods are tested and 100% working solution for bypass frp lock. In the same way you can also unlock frp of this phone having Android 7.0.

Note: This topic is only for Tutorial purpose, if you misuse/illegally use this tutorial the risk should be completely belongs to you. Apply this method to unlock frp lock if the phone is completely yours and in case you forgot the Email id and password.

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☛ Did You Know  ☚
How to take screenshot on OnePlus Smartphone? To Take Screenshot on Your OnePlus 3/3T Phone Follow the below process:
Press Volume Down + Power Key at the same time

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