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Get All SPD Phone FRP Unlock Solutions Here

Here you will get all the working methods to unlock or bypass frp lock on any Spreadtrum Chip-set or SPD chipset. Now a days FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock is common, because if you forgot the Android phone password or pattern lock and enter the unlock code or pattern wrong for 5-10 times then the device will be locked and show the waiting times in minutes/hours. And after that you need to Hard Reset or Factory Reset the phone using Hard keys or using any other ways available on the Internet today, but after Factory Reset the phone you must remember the Email id and password used before on that particular phone if not then the phone is FRP locked and in that case you need to bypass or reset the FRP lock of the Android smartphone.

If the phone is FRP locked and you need to unlock the phone using free methods, then you are in right place to get the solution to unlock or bypass the phone lock. Here in this tutorial you will get to know the complete process and all methods to unlock Spreadtrum or SPD chipset Android smartphone runs on any version of Android Operating System. If you have owned an Android smartphone and it's FRP locked then here you can unlock the phone using free frp unlock tools, but for that you need to know the chipset of the phone and if it's having the SPD CPU or chipset then follow the below steps or methods to unlock or bypass or reset FRP lock of the phone.
Get All SPD Phone's FRP Unlock Solutions Here

How To Know Phone's Chipset?

If you do not have any idea to know the Android smartphone chipset or CPU model number and do not know how to get the Chipset information, then you need to follow a simple trick, which is just go online and search the model number of the phone and you will find so many websites that described the full phone specification and technical information about the phone, visit the websites to know the chipset or CPU details of the phone you are using, isn't it so simple.

If you are a Mobile Technician then use any flashing box and use the Read Info option to get all the information of the phone which includes CPU details, Phone Model, Brand, Android version, IMEI etc. There are so many methods you can use to Read Info of the phone such as using Fastboot Mode, ADB Mode or SPD COM port ways etc. So to read phone information successfully you must put the phone in to correct mode, then only the flashing tools can able to show the information.

SPD Phones FRP Unlock Methods:

1) SPD (Spreadtrum) FRP Unlock Solution Using Android FRP Unlock Tool.
2) All SPD Smartphone's FRP Unlock Solution Using Free Miracle Box.
3) Spreadtrum (SPD) Phone FRP Unlock Solution Using Commands and ADB Tool.

1) SPD (Spreadtrum) FRP Unlock Solution Using SPD Android FRP Unlock Tool:

This is the most effective way to unlock the frp lock on your SPD Android phone, which is absolutely free of cost and no need to be an expert on Android smartphones. What you have to do is just download a small Windows software or Tool and unzip it and use the FRP unlock tool for free and unlock all most all SPD Android devices. This tool is working fine on Android 5.0, Android 6.0 and Android 7.0 runs on Spreadtrum Chipset. So why are you waiting for, unlock and factory reset the phone using the small and free SPD FRP unlock Tool new version, you can download the unlock/flash/hard reset tool from the below link.

Get More Details and Download Tool | Free Download Link Here

2) All SPD Smartphone's FRP Unlock Solution Using Free Miracle Box:

This is the second method to unlock FRP lock on the Spreadtrum or SPD Android smartphones. If you failed and not success with the first FRP unlock method then please try this and definitely you will solve the unlock issue of the phone. In this method you need to download Miracle Box software or flash tool for Windows computer, which also free, because here we provide the Miracle Box free version which is working without Box and Dongle.

By using the Miracle Box free version you can easily unlock the FRP lock of the SPD Android phones. To download Free Miracle Box software please search this website using the search box and direct download the software with no speed limitations.

  • Open Miracle Box (Free Flash and Unlock Tool)
  • Go to Fastboot Tab and select FRP Reset option.
  • Now put the phone in to Fastboot Mode.
  • Connect the phone to PC using USB cable and Install SPD USB driver (Search the site and Download Mobile USB Driver)
  • Now click on Start Button and wait until the process complete.
  • Once you see the FRP Reset Done then remove the phone and power on it.
  • You can also flash the phone with Miracle box to reset FRP.
How To Boot Into Fastboot Mode?

So to unlock frp or reset FRP, you must need the put the phone into Fastboot Mode. There are various ways to put the phone into Fastboot mode such as, directly Using the Volume up or Volume Down along with Power key and if not success with this process, boot the phone to Recovery and choose the Reboot to boot loader and the phone will reboot to fastboot mode.

3) Spreadtrum (SPD) Phone FRP Unlock Solution Using Commands and ADB Tool:

In this process of FRP unlocking you do need any box just use the ADB or Fastboot Command to remove or bypass or reset FRP on any Spreadtrum SPD Android phone. Remove frp on SPD without using any box is so easy and simple to unlock the phone. Please follow the below steps for Fastboot FRP Unlock Commands works on SPD Android phones. 

Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool | Download Link

SPD FRP Reset Command Fastboot Mode

fastboot devices
fastboot erase persist
fastboot reboot

How The FRP Command Works?

Most of the SPD Android device has the Persist partition, which contains the frp information of the phone and if you delete the Persist then it will no more ask for frp lock and you have successfully remove the phone lock. So to delete the persist we are using the Fastboot command with help of Minimal ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and fastboot tool.

Final Words About All In One SPD Free FRP Solution:

So we hope you must understand the above Tutorial to reset frp on your Android phone and with the help of 3 frp unlock methods you can do free frp unlocking on any Android SPD device. If you have doubt or questions regarding the frp unlock then please ask through comments.

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