NOKIA 130 (TA-1017) Display Light Ways - With Video Tutorial

If you are searching to know how to repair Nokia New phone (HMD Global Nokia 2018) then here is the one of new technique and Nokia 130 hardware repair tutorial and today I will show you how to repair Nokia 130 TA-1017 LCD light and this is the most easiest way to solve No LCD Light on the Nokia 130 phone.

You can also watch the video tutorial of the Nokia 130 LCD light ways here as well as on YouTube, If you like our Video please subscribe to the Channel and share the video to help others. If you are a Mobile technician then this topic with video tutorial will help you much. Please check the below images of Nokia 130 to know the Display light jumper ways and which component to remove.

Nokia 130 LCD Light Ways Video Tutorial Below

First you need to remove a component on the PCB of Nokia 130 and to know the which component to remove please see the below Nokia 130 image for "Nokia 130 LCD Light Ways - Remove this component".
Nokia 130 LCD Light Ways - Remove this component
Then make jumper like shown in the below image of Nokia 130, from the 3rd leg to the power supply, from where the LCD light will work fine. Please see the below image of Nokia 130 "Nokia 130 LCD Light Ways - Jumper Like this"
Nokia 130 LCD Light Ways - Jumper Like this
 In this way you can solve the Display light problem on the new Nokia 130 phones. Just remove the component and make jumper shown on the above image and this is the most easiest way to solve the Nokia LCD light ways for the Nokia model 130DS TA-1017. Thanks to all and please visit for more updates and please do not forget to visit the Free Compute Tricks YOUTUBE Channel.

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