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Oppo A71 CPH1717 Pattern Lock File - Flash Tool - USB Driver - FRP Bypass Procedure Without Box

Hi friends, today we will learn how to hard reset Oppo A71 (CPH1717) or Oppo A71 Pattern Unlock or Oppo A71 Password Unlock procedure without using any flashing box. Here you can also find the download link of Oppo A71 pattern unlock file and Oppo A71 flash tool along with these you also find the download link of Oppo A71 preloader driver or Oppo Preloader USB driver. Please go through the topic to know all procedure to download file, tool and USB driver and also know the process to Google Account unlock of Oppo A71 Android smartphone.

As you know if you forgot the Oppo A71 pattern lock or password then you can not hard reset or factory reset the phone using the phone setting option and also if you try to hard reset the phone using Android Recovery Wipe data/Factory Reset then also it will ask to enter the pattern lock or password or PIN, but don't worry here you will get all the solution to make the phone usable, just follow the complete procedure here and download required files and you can easily HARD RESET the phone and UNLOCK FRP of the phone. You can also watch the video tutorial to make the procedure easy at the end of the post.
Oppo A71 CPH1717 Pattern Lock Remove or Hard Reset Done Using SP Flash Tool

  • Download the flash tool and Pattern unlock file (Link given below)
  • Open SP Flash tool and load the Android scatter file
  • Please do not select preloader only select User Data
  • Click on Start button
  • Now switch off the phone and Hold Both Volume Key and connect USB
  • Wait until the Download OK message
  • That's all now switch ON the phone and the Hard Reset of the phone Done
Important: Do not select preloader otherwise the phone my dead or not switch ON.
Oppo A71 CPH1717 FRP Unlock Done Using SP Flash Tool

  1. Download Sp flash tool and file from the below link
  2. Open SP flash tool and load the Android scatter file
  3. Now go to the Format Tab and select Manual Format Flash
  4. Now enter the begin address - 0x4f88000 and Format Length - 0x100000
  5. Click on Start button
  6. Now switch off the phone and hold both volume keys and insert USB cable
  7. When you see Format OK remove the phone and switch ON it
  8. Now it will not ask any Google account to move forward...enjoy.

Download Oppo A71 CPH1717 Pattern Lock Bypass or A71 Hard Reset File

Download Oppo A71 Lock Remove File | Download Link (Media Fire)
zip file password = fct@a71pattern

Download Oppo A71 USB driver to flash the phone from the below link

Download Oppo A71 Preloader USB Driver MediaTek | Download Link

Download Oppo A71 flash tool - SP Flash Tool 

Download Oppo A71 Flash Tool | Download Link

Oppo A71 FRP Lock Format Address SP Flash Tool:

As I said before you need to format the phone to bypass FRP lock of Oppo A71, so below is the FRP format address of the phone and you can use SP Flash tool to remove or reset the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) or bypass Google Account lock.

Start_addr: 0x4f88000
partition_size: 0x100000

Oppo A71 Boot Key:

If you connect the phone directly to the PC, then the PC or SP flash tool must not detect the phone as the Oppo A71 has the boot key to flash the phone and to format also you need to use the boot key. So to flash or format the MediaTek Oppo A71 Android smartphone please use the boot given below. 

Oppo A71 CPH1717 MediaTek Boot Key Below:

1- First Switch off the phone
2- Now Hold both volume key insert USB

Oppo A71 Not Detected By SP Flash Tool - Solution Here

If the phone is not detected by the SP Flash tool then here is the solution for the Oppo A71 flashing error and format error. When you connect the phone to PC it shows the MediaTek preloader driver in the Windows Computer device manager but not detected by the SP Flash Tool, so if you are facing the flashing errors during the phone flashing and format, then please follow the below steps to solve the issue.


1- First check the Oppo MediaTek preloader driver is installed correctly, if not then download the driver from the above link and install it on your PC.

2- If the driver OK but not detected by the SP Flash tool, then that means the phone has been connected in wrong mode. To solve this issue please switch off the phone and hold both volume keys, then connect it to PC using USB cable.

Here the all in one solution for Oppo A71 hard reset and frp unlock and pattern or password unlock, please follow the instruction carefully and download all the necessary file and flash tool and USB driver, then you will success in this process, thank you.

If you have any question or facing any problem during this process, then feel free to ask through comments.

Note: This topic is completely for tutorial purpose and we are not responsible for any damage happened to the phone.

Oppo A71 CPH1717 Pattern Unlock and FRP Bypass Without Box Video Tutorial

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